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Imagine your dream wedding and your wedding day.  What does the ceremony look like?  What kinds of flowers will be used?  Who will walk you down the aisle?  What will your reception room be like?  How long do you want the party to last?  What food do you want served?  What do you want to be doing the day of the wedding?  Getting your hair done,  hanging out with your bridesmaids and family,  relaxing,  basking in the knowledge that this is one of the most special days of your entire life?


Now, think for a minute about how you would feel if everything didn't go the way you planned?  Imagine if one of these true stories happened to you...


The tables being mis-numbered so your family is now in the corner instead of next to the                                       bridal party.


The limo not showing up to pick you up and bring you to the church, therefore the ceremony                                  starting1 hour and 15 minutes late.


The caterer running 40 minutes late opening the buffet.


The flower arrangements filled with dead roses that are the wrong shade of your wedding color.


The Bride and Bridesmaid's bouquets falling completely apart before they even walk down the aisle.


The cake being so stale that it is therefore inedible and unable to be cut.


The bride's grandmother missed her hair and make-up appointments and barely had time to change                             her clothes, because she had taken on the coordinator duties.  She was also unable to sit down and                                enjoy herself for even 5 minutes during the ceremony and reception.


The DJ ending up being an amateur (he lead the couple on during the interview) so not one person                               danced during the entire reception.

There are hundreds of details that go into making your wedding perfect and there are an infinite number of things that can go wrong.  There is only one shot to get it right.  Weddings are too important and too costly to leave them to chance.  Hiring an event professional who knows how to think on their feet and has experience handling the unexpected is the only way to ensure that your dreams will become reality. 

Too many brides regret not hiring an event coordinator. Their dream wedding ended up having so many flaws that rather than remembering all of the wonderful aspects of their day, all they can think about is what went wrong.

Unique Hospitality offers both packages and hourly rates to fit every bride's budget. Whether you use your planner a little or a lot, we highly recommend bringing in your coordinator at the very beginning of the planning process so they can help you create a budget, a plan for the decor and "feel" of the wedding, hire vendors, choose the perfect coordinating invitations...

You can use your coordinator as much or as little as you want and your budget allows.  One true benefit of working with a coordinator, that is often overlooked, is that our job is to help you spend your money wisely.  And with a Unique Hospitality coordinator, unlike many other companies, we pass all professional discounts on to our clients.

We invite you to contact us today to discuss how we can ensure that your wedding will be exactly the one of your dreams.


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