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Hannah Katz and Jonathan Feldman, both living in Washington, D.C., were married at Adath Jeshuran Synagogue, in Louisville. 

Over 130 of the 200 guests either flew or drove-in for the event.  The out-of-towners stayed at a small hotel downtown.  The weekend

began Friday night with a dinner at The Willow near Cherokee Park.  Saturday night a dessert reception was held in the couple's

honor at the Bride's parents' home.  The traditional Jewish wedding started Sunday at noon with a "nosh and greet" followed with the

traditional events leading up to a Jewish wedding.  The ceremony followed and finally the reception began.  Music was provided

throughout the event by the Pendulum Orchestra...WOW!


Photography by Bob Dorzbach. 




     Traditional Jewish weddings begin with guests visiting with the bride and groom in separate rooms.  Here, the bride is in

        the larger room, under a gazebo.  Appetizers and drinks were served and a live band entertained guests. 



         The groom's room is more business-oriented.  Here, the groom and the witnesses are signing the Ketubah, or Jewish

            marriage contract (also pictured on right).  Lighter appetizers and Bourbon were served in this room.



           Once the paperwork is signed and the rest of the business is in order, the male guests dance the groom into the

             bride's room so he may veil his bride. 



            Programs and Kippot, or head coverings, are available             The Jewish wedding ceremony under a chuppah (or canopy).

             for guest to pick up as they enter the ceremony.



          In lieu of traditional seating cards, the couple opted for             The Chuppah the couple used was actually a quilt made up       

           these Martha-Stewart inspired chairs.                                        of squares their family and friends decorated.



                The guests made a grand entrance for the couple.                 Traditionally, guests are supposed to entertain the couple.

                The reception was the fourth room used for the event.         Here are some of the guests with some of their costumes

                                                                                                                    and novelties they used t fulfill their duties.



            A large band entertained guests with both traditional                The groom wrote a song for the bride which he performed

            Jewish and secular music.  The guests danced for hours.              in front of all of their guests. 



                   The bride's father said the traditional prayer                                   The couple at their own sweetheart table.

                    before eating bread.                      



                  The couple cutting their beautiful Kosher cake.                                                      The happy couple!



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