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Photography by Gil Courson of Lightspeed Photos


Guests immediately felt like Hollywood stars by walking         This fun paparazzi prop flashes as if photos are being taken.

the red-carpet.                                                                              Live paparazzi also shot pictures of the guests which were

                                                                                                      saved and then given to human resources for a project.



A photo backdrop was made with the company's logo.            Personalized directional signs were printed to let guests

                                                                                                     know where to go for different rooms of the event.



An ice artist made a custom sculpture for the event.                  An oversized "Hollywood themed" icon was placed on a rotating

                                                                                                       riser in the center of the main open bar located directly in middle 

                                                                                                       the of the event space.



White twinkle lights and huge oversize white balloons            The color of the stage changed constantly throughout the

hanging from the ceiling added to the WOW-factor.               event.  A Gobo light with the company's logo shined bright

                                                                                                      above the stage.



An eleven-member band entertained guests with pop,             Guests were offered unlimited instant photographs as favors. 

blues, jazz, and big-band music.  A DJ also got guests              The photography provider, Lightspeed Photos, used Green-

dancing during breaks and for final hour of the event.             Screen technology to "place" guests in Hollywood.



Professional dancers entertained guests during band breaks     Huge spotlights roamed the sky by the entrance to the venue.

to bring a taste of "old Hollywood" to the dance floor.



Lions, a familiar Hollywood icon, were used as an entrance     Hollywood decorations abounded. Here an oversized

to a separate area of the event.                                                   clapboard sits on one of the side bars.



Light appetizers, sandwiches, and chocolate fountains were offered on numerous buffets throughout the venue.



Ten lounge areas were available for guests to relax and           A large projection screen in the corner displayed a loop of

socialize. This furniture was purchased at drastically lower      pictures of the employees over the past year.

prices than renting which amounted to significant savings

and after the event, all pieces were donated to a local

women's shelter.  A real win-win!



Cabaret tables topped with gold lamé and themed                    Traditional round tables were placed strategically to provide

centerpieces surrounded the dance floor.                                    additional seating.            



The centerpieces for the large rounds included a 3-foot            Binoculars were placed on tables on the balcony to allow

vase with iridescent beads inside and white feathers                  guests to "spy" on their coworkers below.

on top as well as fiber optic lights in silver bases.







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